Local ministry background:
Bara is an active member of the Christian organization called Young Life. With the team of workers she prepares various recreational or studying activities for students such as movie nights, excursions, sports afternoons, clubs, creative workshops, summer camps, discussing evenings and so on. Bara belongs to the organizational team.

Couple years ago, Bara started to direct the Drama Club at the Secondary Grammar School in Brno. She helps students to develop their talents and interest in acting within the framework of the Club. The Drama Club’s aim is not only to rehearse for the final show but, above all, to create strong bonds and friendship with the students.

Bara has recently started offering schools classic programs for the primary prevention of socially pathological phenomena as part of ACET (Aids, Care, Education, and Training) organization.
In the Drama Club as well as in the context of Prevention Program, Bara wants to show students a healthy view of complex life topics and develop individual potential.

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
During her teen age Bara was so influenced by the meetings and close friendship with the leader of the Drama Club – organized under the auspices of the Young Life organization, that in 2014 she decided to serve young people within this organization. Her work has so far stabilized in the Drama Club which has been operating for two years now at the Secondary Grammar School in Brno. At the same time, she looks forward to expanding her mission in other schools, as lecturer specialized primarily in prevention, in the framework of ACET organization.


Lecture topics and resource:
Bara works under the auspices of the Christian organization called Young Life Czech Republic.

For the school programs she uses the topics of well-established ACET organization:
Sex, AIDS and relationships
Friendship and love
The cult of beauty