Local ministry background:
Jan is an active member of the Moravian Church in Liberec, the north Bohemia. He is a pedagogue and the Healthy Youth ministry workers.
He joined the team of HY workers in September 2021. His work is deeply connected with the non-profit Christian organization called the Lighthouse and its ministry to children and youth in Liberec region.

He comes to schools with programs aimed on prevention of risk and unhealthy behavior of school children. He is able to flexibly react on actual problems and situations in particular class or group.
His programs are very interactive. Jan wants not only to pass on the theoretical information. Mainly, he wants to emphasize stable life values as the importance of family, healthy self-esteem and so on. He also wants children to be able to accept their own responsibility over various life decisions.

Jan volunteers in the leisure-club where he serves to children and youth in different club activities and also as a personal counselor if needed.

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Jan always tended to ministry among children and youth. He studied preschool pedagogy and elementary schooling. He has long term experience with preparations and leading of leisure-time activities for youth.

In his ministry, he wants to connect education with quality prevention and proper offer of leisure-time activities.


Lecture topics and resource:
Jan works under the auspices of the well-established non-profit organization called the Lighthouse. That is a Christian organization in Liberec and its ministry is firmly based on the very active local Moravian Church.
In this organization Jan has developed into a leader and a professional guarantor.

Jan uses their much-appreciated school programs with topics:
Bullying and extreme aggressive behavior
Cyber-bullying and the Safety of Internet
Addictions and their prevention
Eating disorders and their prevention
Racism and Danger of sects
Risky Sexual Behavior
Solving of urgent or long-term team problems