Local ministry background:
Jiri became a pastor in the year 1994. Since that time, he has helped to plant and start couple of churches. Nowadays he belongs to and serves in the International Christian Fellowship in Brno, south Moravia.

From the very beginning of his ministry, he has got a heart widely open for young generation. He decided to join the team of HY workers because he could perceive the demand of schools for HY programs and also because he could see such great potential and opportunity to positively influence young generation.

For his ministry Jiri chose the topics of the Spiritual heritage. Through this theme he wants to spread among the youth deeper knowledge and awareness of spiritual history of Czech nation. His plan is to use life stories of John Hus and Comenius.

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Jiri studied the Biblical school Livets Ord in Uppsala in Sweden. Since the year 1994 he has served as a pastor in various Christian fellowships. His desire is to serve to young generation and to show them on healthy and stable life values.


Lecture topics and resource:
Due to his education and long life experience the pack of topics called the Spiritual heritage was Jiri’s first and clear choice.

This pack includes topics as:
John Hus
J. A. Comenius
The Hundred-year Roots
The Bible