Privacy policy

Protection of personal data and their management in the context of GDPR

We manage your personal data in accordance with the General Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (called “General Data Protection Regulation”, abbreviated to GDPR), valid from 25 May 2018.

When handling your personal data in a way that is not processing, we follow the Civil Code No. 89/2012 Coll.

Why we need personal data
  • In order for Nadace Mezinarodni potreby (hereinafter “NMP”) to be able, in the legitimate interest of the Trustee, to fulfil the obligations it has entered into with respect to donors, supporters and others, as well as the obligations imposed on it by laws or authorities,
  • In order to be able to provide the persons who have communicated them to us with services related to the nature of their interest in the Foundation (e.g. acknowledgments, sending information on the use of the donation, other communications and records related to donations, volunteer assistance, in response to applications for endowment contributions, etc.) and so that we can communicate with them if their cooperation is needed.
What personal data do we store?

For our own use, we keep personal data of donors, volunteers and other partners, employees or service providers of the foundation and those interested in the foundation’s activities. These are, for example, name, surname, bank details, address of permanent residence, shipping address, telephone number, e-mail address and possibly identification number of the person – IČO, or also the data of another person, if the donor wishes that we issue a gift confirmation to another person (e.g. address and identification data of a family member, spouse).

We work with identification and possibly as well as with other data to the extent that the said persons provided them to NMP.

We similarly process the personal data of supported persons and representatives of supported organizations that we request on our grant application form.

How we collect your personal data

You provide us with your data by providing a donation, sending a donation request, requesting your personal specific (or variable) symbol for donation, requesting confirmation of received donations, concluding a donation agreement, requesting a newsletter or news, requesting a foundation grant and its acceptance, by voluntary help or registration for our event.

Who, how and where processes personal data

Personal data is processed by its own employees manually in a database in the NMP’s office in accordance with the above-mentioned law. We do not pass on personal data to anyone and it is fully secured against misuse.

For how long will the personal data be stored at NMP

Your personal data will be stored at maximum 25 years after your last donation or other contribution to NMP.  If you decide later on, during this period, to support any other charity project, it will help us to recognize, that the donations are actually from you.  If any significant events occur in the project or in a life of a person you just supported, it will allow us to inform you about these facts.  We keep data about the supported people for 30 years after end of support.

To whom could be the data made accessible

We neither make the personal data accessible nor pass on to third parties, neither forward nor publish outside of NMP. Employees of NMP and contractors, providing services for us, which may have access to your personal data, are contractually bound by the obligation to protect and not to submit personal data to other subject or a person.

We are obliged under the Law to submit your personal data to these third parties:

a) Tax office
Yearly, upon request, we are obliged to submit a complete list of our donors and their donations (in accordance with the gift confirmation, eventually with donor´s application in a case of no requirement for gift confirmation), by the form of gift tax return.
A particular donor, who does not wish to be named in the Annual report or abroad (see below), must be namely stated in the appendix for the Tax office.

b) State control bodies
In the case of special check-ups, the state bodies are allowed to request the access to data of NMP to the extent and in accordance with the valid legislation.

Passing on or publishing of the names

First name and surname are not the data, which would be sufficient to precisely identify a particular person. Therefore, we share these incomplete personal data:

a) about the donors supporting particular people from abroad:

We submit first name and surname of a donor to a partner charity organization in a country of a person chosen voluntarily by a donor to support as a part of the Children’s Assistance Program or any other program to support people abroad, in effort to make a meaningful contact between the donor and supported person which sends a letter or other message several times a year to the donor. In a case the donor expresses a wish to submit also names of co-donors to a partner charity organization abroad, we will meet this wish.

If you do not wish all mentioned above, please make a notification in a note to your application or contact us anytime, preferably via e-mail. We will respect your wish and will state you as an anonymous donor for the needs of abroad.

b) in the annual reports, i.e. to the public:

Following the Civil code No. 89/2012 Coll, we are obliged to report on yearly basis the list of our donors, which have made a yearly donation over 10.000 CZK.  We report first name, surname and donated amount in accordance with the tax gift confirmation, eventually with banking or donor application form in a case, when donor does not require the gift confirmation.
In a case of donors donated yearly amount up to 10.000 CZK, we publish only first name and surname in the annual reports, if the report extent allows us to do so. Similarly, we are obliged to publish list of people to whom the charity´s contribution in amount over 10.000 CZK has been provided.
If the donor requires to keep anonymity in the annual reports, we have to grant this according to the valid legislation.

Receiver of the charity contribution in amount over 10.000 CZK can require to keep anonymity only in the case of receiving a gift due to the humanitarian reasons, especially from the medical reasons.
We maintain anonymity only in a case, if an authorized person delivers the requirement before the approval of the annual report.

The rights of those whose personal data we manage

Anyone has the right to request information about their personal data that we process and their origin and purpose of administration. Anyone who finds or believes that NMP is processing his personal data which is contrary to the protection of the data subject’s private and personal life or contrary to law, in particular if the management of personal data is no longer necessary having regard to the purpose of their processing, it may NMP for an explanation or request NMP to remedy the situation. In particular, personal data may be corrected, supplemented or deleted.

You can request the above rights in writing form or by e-mail.

We are obliged to process some personal data even after a possible disagreement with their processing for the time necessary to comply with the legal obligation (eg the Accounting Act stipulates the obligation to keep accounting documents for 5 years from the end of the accounting period to which they relate).

Nadace Mezinarodni potreby is not an organization whose communication is a commercial message. You can easily unsubscribe from our information materials at any time. In that case, we will stop sending the materials to you and we will continue to manage your personal data to the necessary extent.

Cookies, tracking anonymized visitor data

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