Local ministry background:
Rut grew up in a Christian family and she was led to God since her early childhood. Firstly, she gave her life to Jesus when she was five years old.
With her husband and children, she attends one of the Free evangelical churches in Praha. In church she mainly works with children.

Rut became a lecturer in 2017 and started to visit schools with the pack of programs called the Ethical Workshops and the Spiritual Heritage. She joined the HY ministry program in January 2022.

The programs Rut lectures in schools are conceived as imaginatively, playfully and interactively as possible. In this way, children learn through a non-coercive way to behave properly in various crisis situations.

In her ministry Rut draws on her long-term experience of work with children.
She also invites children to the leisure-club meetings and to the summer kids’ camp.

Rut says about her ministry, “Very important in my life always were ‘the guides’ – people who were close to me by heart and with advice. What I had gained through them I decided to pass on to our young generation.
That’s why I work with children. My aim is to encourage them, to support them in their struggles and to help them on their life paths.”

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Rut has always had close to work with children and youth. Since her growing up she has actively participated on preparing various programs, camps and meetings. She studied leisure-time pedagogy. And she has been involved in children’s work and ministry already for 30 years.

In the year 2017 she had got the offer to join the team of the Christian organization called the Ethical Workshops, which specializes on HY work among children and youth. She accepted this offer gladly. She perceives her HY ministry as her life mission and vocation.


Lecture topics and resource:
Rut works under the auspices of the Christian organization called the Ethical Workshops.

She uses its much-appreciated school programs with topics:
How are you?
We play together
Let’s be friends
How to protect yourself in dangerous situations?
How did I happen to be here?
How to be cool with siblings?
How to have a nice relationship with parents?
How to overcome worries at school?
What to do with your appearance?
How to manage your money properly?
How to use IT and media correctly?
Life in the media jungle
Power of words
Well-being and calm without tobacco
Image or character?
Money, money, money
Who I am?
Do you respect your body or do you abuse it?
On a wave of emotions
About old age merrily and gloomily
Sex, love and relationships
Moral maze
Spiritual Heritage