Adela Strojkova

Local ministry background:
Adela is an active member of the Apostolic church in her home town. Her husband Radim used to serve as a pastor before he became a HY worker.

Adela simply loves to work with children and so she devoted her whole life to this ministry. She joined the team of HY workers in September 2021.

Trough HY programs Adela helps children to develop elementary skills for living and to prevent risk behavior. The programs she lectures in schools are very playful, innovative, interactive. In this way, children learn through a non-coercive way to behave properly in various life and crisis situations.

Adela also invites children to visit their leisure-club. Each meeting is full of fun and sport activities. And also, a devotion on important life questions, issues and values cannot be missing.
She also offers to children a unique possibility of counseling or one-to-one talk to help to deal with difficult problems or life situations.

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Among other things Adela studied leisure-time pedagogy. She has worked with children many different ways already for 30 years.
When she has got the offer from the Christian organization called the Ethical Workshops, she accepted it with great joy and honor. She perceives working with children as her life ministry and mission.

The fact that the schools are still open to the ministry of HY workers she considers as huge opportunity and undeserved mercy.


Lecture topics and resource:
Adela works under the auspices of the Christian organization called the Ethical Workshops.

She uses its much-appreciated school programs with topics:
How are you?
We play together
Let’s be friends
How to protect yourself in dangerous situations?
How did I happen to be here?
How to be cool with siblings?
How to have a nice relationship with parents?
How to overcome worries at school?
What to do with your appearance?
How to manage your money properly?
How to use IT and media correctly?
Life in the media jungle
Power of words
Well-being and calm without tobacco
Image or character?
Money, money, money
Who am I?
Do you respect your body or do you abuse it?
On a wave of emotions
About old age merrily and gloomily
Sex, love and relationships
Moral maze