Local ministry background:
Miriam grew up in a Christian family and is an active and devoted member of the Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Trinec, north Silesian region.

Her heart is open to serve children. So, it doesn’t surprise anyone, that in the Christian community she is involved mostly in children’s ministry. She also voluntarily helps with drug addicted people. Miriam’s HY ministry is specifically unique: she teaches Christian education and religion to children in local kindergartens and primary schools.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of legendary pastor Stanislav Pietak, who had a huge heart for youth, the religion was taught in each primary school in Trinec at the end of the 20th century.
Nowadays this is not possible because of legislation changes. Nevertheless, kids in schools and kindergartens are interested in religion, even in the form of optional free-time school programs. And this kind of programs is exactly what Miriam prepares and offers to children in local primary schools and kindergartens. With this specific ministry she has begun already in the year 1998.
In December 2020 she joined the Healthy Youth Workers team. The INCZ Board appreciated this unique ministry unanimously, though it runs only as an optional school program. Many parents want their children to attend Miriam’s programs (80 % of children are from families with atheistic roots). As they declare: “I want to protect my child from destroying his own life!” They do well.

How does such a typical lecture go? Each lesson focuses on one central biblical truth, which is further emphasized in joint games, competitions, songs, or during the teaching of the Bible verse. The goal is to approach hearts of children with this message. Children are also encouraged to contemplate how they can apply that particular truth into their lives and daily situations.
The other goal is to help children to find spiritual home in some of the local churches so they can continue in their spiritual growth.

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Miriam always desired to work with children. It is easy for her to gain kids’ attention and they are very fond of her. Children enjoy Miriam’s programs a lot and come back every week for continuation.
Recently, Miriam regularly visits four primary schools and fourteen kindergartens. When children want to join Miriam’s program, they need their parents’ written permission. The fact that most of these children are from non-believing families is quite astonishing.

Miriam is also involved in the preparations of the Christian summer children camps and Christian Youth camps.


Lecture topics and resource:
For her ministry Miriam uses primarily the sets of lessons for Christian teaching from the Children’s Mission and from respected Czech organization called TIM 2.2.