Local ministry background:
Ivo Neuvirt works with a team of co-workers within the local evangelical mission minded church in Ostrava. He started his work as a lecturer in June 2005. During the years he has built a position of a well-respected Healthy Youth Worker.

About his work with children, he says, “I’m involved in preparations and leading of club meetings and I am also the main leader for organizing camps held by our local NGO. I love children and do not regret even one minute that I dedicate to building and developing their character. This takes place not only at club meetings, but above all, in individual conversations.”

Ivo is gradually getting involved in the lecturing work at schools. His wife, Lenka, is very supportive and also helps in the work with children and youth.
We pray that Ivo’s work will bear good fruit.


Visit the reportages from Ivo’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
February 2018
October 2016
November 2015

More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Before Ivo became a Christian, he got so drunk once at a school retreat that he damaged his eyes. And some other knocks and problems came later on. But due to the power of the Gospel, something quite fundamental happened in his life.
As Ivo says, “My damaged eyesight has not been healed but the Lord has given me far more. Now I can lean on Him in difficult situations that come along in life. It is such a privilege for me to serve the One who sacrificed everything for me.”

For many years Ivo with his co-workers tried hard to fulfill his vision of reaching un-churched youth through means that young people understand. All of them worked only on voluntary basis. Club activities, weekend retreats and summer camps have gradually drawn young people, and since June 2005 Ivo has joined the team of HY worker on a full-time basis.


Lecture topics and resource:
Ivo began his ministry using the most appreciated programs of Christian organizations ACET and Ethical Workshops.

Yet later he developed his own agenda which exactly meets the demands of the local schools:
Sex, AIDS and Relationships
Image or Character?
Who Am I
Money, Money, Money
The Power of Words
Healthy Lifestyle
Why People Suffer


“The students like the topics, the games, and the way of communication. They also like the personality of Mr. Ivo Neuvirt. They appreciate that there is someone who honestly cares about their problems, can talk about them in a friendly manner and gives advice and help. And that he speaks about the social issues in a way that touches hearts of the kids and makes them think of the problems deeply and truly.”
A teacher

“By using suitable and entertaining activities the lecturer attracts the attention of the kids and makes them interested in the topics. The group is then more willing to take in the new and important information. Some of the teachers were present at the workshop; they could benefit from the knowledge and methods in their own lessons afterwards. The students and the teachers alike were very positive about the Ethics workshops.”
A teacher

“The lecturer also provided feedback about the relationships in the classes. As a prevention specialist, I find the Ethics workshops presented by this lecturer to be one of the best programs for prevention of risky behavior of kids and young people. The discussions are interesting and beneficial for the kids.”
A teacher


What the students liked:

“Everything! The approach of the lecturer and that we could have fun even with serious topic“
“A lecture which makes people interested and helps them to get some self-confidence.”
“Everything, the sense of humor. The first lecture I liked and even made me think.”
“I liked the lecture. It was helpful, informative and interesting. I learned a lot and some things shocked me, too. Mr. Neuvirt was great and he got attention of all of us, I think. I would definitely recommend it.”
“I liked the lecture very much. It was helpful, interesting and funny. I would add an extra hour or two to discuss everything and to give the lecturer enough time to say everything he wanted. The lecturer was very nice, open and funny. I learned a lot and my approach to many things has changed. I would definitely recommend the workshop to the next class of ninth graders.”