Local ministry background:
Jaromir Babka became a Christian in Moravian Church in Liberec. For 7 years he used to work as a part of the team of other Healthy Youth Workers in schools in Liberec. During that time, he became an experienced lecturer for elementary and secondary schools and he also began to train new lecturers.
Then he with his family was sent to a smaller town called Sobotka in order to get involved in recently started church planting work of the local Unitas Fratrum (Czech Brethren) Church. Jaromir began his ministry in the area of spiritual activities and activities aimed to serve the public.

In 2016 he received an offer from the church leadership to replace HY worker Miloslav Fanta. After many years in ministry Miloslav decided to return back to working in the education profession as a teacher. So, he was looking for somebody he could “pass the baton” of his school ministry in the Mlada Boleslav region to. It eventually became apparent that these events had a precise timing. Together they visited a number of schools where Miloslav had been lecturing for many years.
Jaromir Babka was accepted as a member of the INCZ Healthy Youth Workers team in June 2016. His lecturing activities focus on Sobotka, Mlada Boleslav and the surrounding area.


Visit the reportages from Jaromir’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
March 2017

More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Jaromir Babka originally studied furniture-making and he used to work in this field for some time. He has got actively engaged in working with the youth in the church and later he also started the ministry in schools with the local workers team in Liberec.

“Apart from lecturing, I learnt to coordinate orders from schools and communicate with school leaders and preventive methodologists. After I have completely taken over the programs for higher elementary schools and started lecturing them by myself, another colleague of mine began handing me over his programs for secondary and grammar schools.
Subsequently I progressed to the position of a senior lecturer who trains new lecturers for higher elementary schools and who works as a lecturer for high schools and grammar schools.”

Apart from lecturing activity in the Mlada Boleslav region, Jaromir also leads several popular leisure clubs for the youth of Sobotka (Jaromir’s home town). The wide range of activities these clubs offer is highly esteemed by the town leaders. The municipal council provides a place for them in the town center that they can use for free!


Lecture topics and resource:
At first, Jaromir’s work was auspiced by the Lighthouse. That is a Christian organization in Liberec and its work is firmly based on the very active local Moravian Church.

While gaining experience and skills Jaromir created his own agenda with topics tailored to the needs of local schools and children:
Media World
Groups, Alcohol, Smoking
Relationships and Dating
(Il)legal Drugs
Extremism, Sects
Image vs. Character
Sex and Partner Relations
Drug Issues


“The lectures for the kids were interesting and entertaining, the atmosphere was friendly and nice. Students worked in a community circle or in groups. Mr. Babka was good at answering and responding to their questions and comments. He was well able to cope with the difficult kids, too. He even gave us immediate feedback (about a problematic girl) and offered professional help. The topics of the lectures covered the real problems of the children. The lecturer is able to adapt them to the very specific needs of a given class.”
A teacher

“I liked The Beauty topic. I realized that everybody in the world is unique, looks unique and acts unique, so it is useless to compare self with others, because we all are different.”
A student