Jitka Kultova

Local ministry background:
Jitka Kultova is a member of the Brethren Church in Plzen. After long years of spiritual rooting and participating in the Christian Community church, she was to find new spiritual home during the year 2020. Nevertheless, both of the Christian fellowships sincerely support Jitka and her ministry among Czech youth.

Jitka joined the team of Healthy Youth Program workers in June 2010. She works mostly in the region of South Bohemia.

Jitka lectures on the sensitive topic of the prenatal development of human life. The lectures need to be presented as “opinion neutral” and Jitka is not able to proclaim openly the Christian approach. However, her lectures are pro-life oriented and based on true Christian foundations. She helped to create and structure all of them.
The goal is to bring a change in the thinking of the public, and especially young people, towards questions connected with the prenatal development of human life, the protection of life and responsible relationships. Jitka speaks to young generation at elementary schools and high schools. She gives them information that helps them to be responsible in their future intimate lives, in the planning of parenthood and respect for human life. Young people are at a stage in life when they are just creating their own opinions and attitudes towards these questions. We know how necessary it is to provide truthful and complete information so that they can freely shape their attitudes and opinions.

As Christians we are aware of the uniqueness of each person and the value of human life. We want to protect life and turn this respect for life and others back to the basic values of society. These lectures at schools provide an excellent opportunity to give young people this chance. In essence, each Jitka’s lecture is a wonderful opportunity to present God’s creative work.


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More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
Jitka used to hold the lectures as a volunteer in the very beginning. Then she received a one-year government grant. When this grant had finished, Jitka joined the team of HY workers of INCZ. Meantime, Jitka has become an experienced lecturer who, in addition to other things, imparts her knowledge and skills to other lecturers. We are excited that Jitka enhances our team of lecturers, and is working in an area where we haven’t had any workers until now.
Jitka even became the leading figure of Czech Christian National Pro-life Initiative, which has strong roots in evangelical Christianity.

Jitka draws in her listeners in a dynamic and caring way, and the lectures are so unusually attractive and sought-after by schools that she can’t fit any more lectures into her already-full schedule. After she has presented the two-hour lecture, she follows it up with a two-hour discussion at a later date. During the discussion, Jitka provides a chance for the listeners to speak about the lectured theme; she gives them time for personal sharing and questions, and has an opportunity to establish deeper relationships with them.


Lecture topics and resource:
Jitka works under the auspices of non-profit organization called National Pro-life Initiative. This organization is based on Christian foundations. It offers specific pro-life topics for higher classes of primary schools and for high schools and grammar schools. Jitka helped to develop all of offered topics.

They are:
My journey to this world (human prenatal development)
The adventure of adolescence
The unplanned pregnancy


“Mrs. Kultova comes to our grammar school every year and her lectures are always conducted with corresponding expertise and with respect to the children’s age. Not only that the children listen attentively, but they also actively contribute to the discussion on the topic of the lecture. In this way, they do not just receive new information from biology, but they also learn to react sensitively to situations which may arise in relation to (unwanted) pregnancy.”
A teacher

“My impression from the lecture is excellent, and I love the way of sharing this kind of ‘highly intimate’ information.”
A teacher

“The lectures are very suitable for 9th graders.”
A teacher

“I consider the lecture very beneficial. The lecturer’s performance was professional and motivating.”
A teacher

“Very positive! The topic of the lecture as well as subsequent discussion were very well prepared and carefully thought out. I highly regard the attitude of the lecturer and her quick reactions to the pupils’ questions.”
A teacher