Local ministry background:
Martin Stavjanik is a long-term member of the Baptist Church in Zlin, a city in Moravia where Martin grew up and lives now with his family.

Martin is an experienced Healthy Youth worker who has been working in Zlin and surroundings since 2001. He is also fully involved in social work. Apart from lecturing he engages in personal discussions with students and in leisure activities for young people. Martin loves to connect all areas of his ministry.

Martin’s lectures, discussions and special programs deal with sensitive topics and especially with important human relations (between partners, in family and within a group). They are positively received by students as well as teachers. Many times, Martin has experienced that he had to make the lecture longer because students spontaneously arranged it with the school management. The atmosphere of his lectures is loaded with something which cannot be rationally explained, but which attracts and enriches the students.

Martin says, “What I feel in my heart more and more is the urge to speak with young people about their worth. No matter the topic I speak about, we often arrive to the issue of one’s worth. I always realize how much they are touched by it when I emphasize to them that they do have an enormous value. Even though they often think about themselves that they are not worthy at all, they have tears in their eyes when they hear that their value is unique.”


Visit the reportages from Martin’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
December 2017
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More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Martin was originally a cook, and his being gifted to serve young people thus stands out even more. Students confess that during some concrete program Martin spoke precisely into their lives in a direct and personal way. Similarly, the teachers highly value his work.

Martin comments on this:
“Recently, teachers began asking me about it more frequently: ‘And what school did you study that the kids listen to you so attentively?’
Sometimes I am tempted to give them some evasive and vague answer about having gone through various seminars and specialized internships (which is obviously true as well). But every time I realize again that I do not need to be ashamed to say that by profession I am a cook who had accepted the calling from God to serve young people…”

Martin finished a supplementary study program ‘teaching for professionals working with disadvantaged groups’ at the Faculty of Education of J. E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem. He passed psychotherapeutic training and he continually keeps learning.


Lecture topics and resource:
Martin works under the auspices of the organization called The Union Compass: non-profit organization providing varied types of social work mainly to the youth in Zlin and surrounding.

According to his studies and practical experience he developed following list of topics:
Sexual Abuse Prevention
Eating Disorders
Bullying and the relationships in class
The Business – an Interactive Program Focused on Future Career Choices
Interactive Program for Improving Relationships in the Class


“Every year, Mr. Stavjanik prepares adaptation retreats for sixth-graders from our school and the children like it immensely. Last year I witnessed that some sixth-graders arrived to the adaptation program literally disgusted and annoyed and they criticized everything around them. Gradually I was able to see the how they changed their attitude and at the end of the stay they were so enthusiastic that they were refusing to return home!
We cooperate with Mr. Stavjanik on other programs and activities as well and he always accommodates our needs. I cannot say a single negative word about this ‘expert’ in his field of work.”
A teacher

“The main reason why we invite Mr. Stavjanik to our school is that children like his ‘experience-based’ method very much. They relax and they get to know each other in various situations.”
A primary prevention teacher

“Children like these discussion sessions. The lecturer takes a friendly approach to them so they are able to open up and they are not embarrassed to ask sensitive questions.”
A teacher

“Based on the children’s reaction I am convinced that the programs are professional, convincing and interesting and that many times they are based on various situations from real life. The children can certainly put the acquired knowledge to use in their future life. Mr. Stavjanik is friendly towards them and sometimes they regard him as one of their peers. I think that they trust him more than they trust their parents.”
A teacher

“The feedback from pupils is very good; they view the discussion sessions as very interesting and beneficial (as compared to some other programs, which we stopped organizing based on the pupils’ feedback)”
A teacher

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank once more for the inspiring consultation about the environment in the classroom. The recommendations that you gave me have certainly contributed to a better atmosphere in the class.”
A teacher

“We worked with Mr. Stavjanik several times when we needed to solve problems with class groups. We had couple of meetings with each class. In most cases, there has been improvement and children trust Mr. Stavjanik and they are not afraid to confide their problems to him. We always follow his advice on how to continue working with the class further.”
A teacher