Local ministry background:
Vaclav devoted his life to Jesus when he was 23 years old. Since the very beginning he felt strong God’s calling to the Youth ministry. He has been fully involved in the Youth ministry leadership in his home church (the Moravian church in Liberec city). And also participates in leisure-time club activities for children and youth in the region.

Vaclav began Healthy Youth ministry work at schools in the year 2016 when he had expanded the team of Healthy Youth workers in the well-established non-profit Christian organization called the Lighthouse. He visits schools in Liberec region together with his colleagues and brings not only quality and effective prevention programs to classes but also sense for working with the youth.

The programs in schools are linked to low-threshold club and other leisure activities in which Vaclav is actively involved.


Visit the reportages from Vaclav’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
February 2019

More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Vaclav grew up in the Catholic family. He knew about God but did not know him personally. He gave his life to Jesus and accepted him in his heart during his studies. He found his new Christian family in the community of the Moravian church in his home town. He had the youth ministry at his heart from the very beginning. Soon he began to serve to the youth and children in the church community. After completing his studies, he started to work at the low-threshold club operated by the well-established non-profit Christian organization called the Lighthouse. In this time, he started to think about becoming a HY worker and preparing for it. He fully entered the HY ministry in the year 2016.

About his calling Vaclav says, “The calling to HY ministry opens up new challenges for me. I am to dive deeper into the understanding of young generation and also to understand possibilities of giving them a helping hand.”


Lecture topics and resource:
Vaclav works under the auspices of the well-established non-profit organization called the Lighthouse. That is a Christian organization in Liberec and its work is firmly based on the very active local Moravian Church.

Vaclav uses its much-appreciated school programs with topics:
Alcohol and smoking
Addictive substances
Addictive behavior
Eating disorders
Perception of self-worth
Risks of Internet and cyberbullying
Working with classmates


“Program called ‘the Addictive substances’ was well prepared according to clear scenario. One activity preciously followed each other. Results from each activity were clear. The program was understandable for children: the HY worker explained everything thoroughly to the details and with patience.
I personally evaluate this program very positively. Without any doubt it was a huge benefit for the pupils.
The HY worker is well qualified, talkative, understandable, and open to communication. He was able to react properly on each comment or question. He also is very funny and is able to get full attention of the class.
I admire his approach. He set easy rules in the very beginning and was requiring their compliance during the whole program.”
the teacher