Local ministry background:
Ondrej has strong spiritual roots in his home church (Free Evangelical Church) in Ceska Trebova city. He is a leader of very active church youth group.

After his studies Ondrej used to work as a high school teacher. He has got lot of experience for working with children not only from the years of teaching, but also from working with youth in the church.
He comes to schools delivering classic programs created by excellent organization ACET.

Although he is a newcomer in the lecturing circles, his work is backed up by Petr Kadlec – one of our most renowned Healthy Youth workers who is also active in the region of Ceska Trebova.

As part of his follow-up activities, Ondrej joined the historical fencing club called “The Rangers” which has been led by above-mentioned Petr Kadlec for years. The Rangers club provides excellent place for both fencing training and adventure, but also for regular Bible study.
At the same time Ondrej wants to offer children a leisure time activity of outdoor strengthening workout through own body weight, the so-called Street workout. He is looking forward to establishing deeper and longer-term friendships with children as part of these sports activities.

More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Although Ondrej was satisfied with his job, he has been already perceiving for long time, that there was still lot of opportunities and demand for new lecturers in Ceska Trebova region. You could say that he inherently experienced “The harvest is big, but the laborers are few”.

He considered everything and clarified his approach to lecturing activity. The tempting possibility to talk openly to children about important personal topics and to use this opportunity to convey wisdom and sound principles finally prevailed; which, as he says, was missing in his previous teaching practice with the high school students.
Finally, he decided to support and build on the already well-developed work of Petr Kadlec, one of our very proven and popular Healthy Youth workers.


Lecture topics and resource:
As mentioned before, Ondrej was called to help with already well established and developed work of Petr Kadlec in the region of Ceska Trebova.

Ondrej took over and uses already verified and proven topics as follows:
Programs for Level 1: Treasure Hunters
Be a friend and have friends
We are a bunch, we are a team
Online sea cruise
To say yes and to say no

Programs for Level 2: Ethics between the Worlds
Pain – a disease called bullying
The hidden dangers of the Internet
Sex, AIDS and relationships
The cult of a beautiful body
How not to let yourself be cheated
Friendship and love
Financial literacy
World religions and sects
Holocaust and prejudices