Local ministry background:
Pavel grew up in Free evangelical church in Letovice, southern Moravia region. After his decision to give his life to Jesus, he also began to serve. He participated mainly in Youth ministry both in the church and also in mission work with youth from the town.

Pavel teaches at schools in and around Letovice. The lecturing field was new to him and the beginning of his work was difficult and slow. But now schools are already spreading good news about him, so he has a lot more lectures now. Young people in Letovice know him for a variety of events and club activities.
As he said, “Sometimes teachers at the school literally have to pierce through the crowd of enthusiastic children who want to greet me.”

In addition to lectures on classical topics of primary prevention, Pavel parts in leading of the club and other leisure activities for young people. Regular club “Plan B” runs twice a week and youth in the town really like it.


Visit the reportages from Pavel’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
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More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Pavel comes from Letovice and also his Healthy Youth ministry takes place there. However, he had spent couple years in Olomouc, where he worked in a low-threshold club for children and youth. All those experiences he had gained there, he can successfully use in his current ministry.

And how he became a part of INCZ Healthy Youth Program?
Pavel says:
“My ministry in Olomouc low-threshold club had to adapt to formal and bureaucratic requirements of public administration. I began to realize that the administrative works exhaust all of us and there is no longer mood for clients themselves and we are losing interest in them.
I looked for what I could do. The opportunity to be a lecturer in The Healthy Youth Program seemed to be meaningful and effective.”


Lecture topics and resource:
Pavel works under the auspices of well-established Christian organization ACET. He is also trained to use very appreciated school programs of the Christian organization called Ethical Workshops.

Lecture topics, which Pavel offers to schools, are:
Pain – The Disease Called Bullying
Sex, AIDS and Relationships
Friendship and Love
Modern Is Not To Smoke
Cyber Bullying: the Predator on the Horizon
The True Face of Facebook


“The grade 8 and grade 9 pupils rated the talks as excellent. The best thing they have ever heard! They liked lecturer’s friendly and pleasant behavior, speech very close to teenagers and content of discussions. They learned and revised the important facts which they appreciate in their life and all of that in an interesting way.”
A teacher

“We ordered lectures for our student for this school year with cooperation of Mr. Kotoucek. The topics were:
Pain called bullying; Sex, AIDS and Relationships; Friendship and Love; Modern is not to smoke; Cyber-bullying and Predator on the Horizon; The True Face of Facebook.
Programs of Mr. Kotoucek are always very carefully prepared and pupils are interested in them.
We also invited Mr. Kotoucek to meet the parents regarding topic Facebook, where he explained this issue to them. Depending on the response of parents I evaluate this performance also very positively. We intend our cooperation with Mr. Kotoucek to continue in the next school year.”
A teacher

“On behalf of Elementary School Letovice, Blansko district, I would like to thank to Mr. Pavel Kotoucek for his lectures about Facebook, cyber-bullying and smoking, which were successful among pupils and teachers. I evaluate very positively:
– timeliness of individual topics
– factual and interesting processing of individual topics
– engaging presentation, excellent communication skills and language understandable to the pupils’ age
– quick reaction to tricky questions of students on issues that should have upset the speaker
– flexible and fast reach agreement on dates and times of lectures, punctuality
– technical skills, especially when the technique has not worked as it should.”
A teacher