Local ministry background:
Marek is a member of the International Christian Fellowship Praha and has a great heart for children and teenagers.

During his adolescence he had dealt with some difficulties. Thanks God he got over it and today he can serve to children who are in similar live situations.

His ministry is quite unique!
Marek is the leading musician and speaker of the project „On the Waves of Friendship“. He is the one who initiated this project and was able to gain some valuable co-workers for it.
With his musical group, he developed educational and motivational programs for schools.
He uses quite interesting combination of the concert and the lecture afterwards. These programs are on the specific topic; for example, love, friendship, bullying, social networks, using the leisure time.
Marek’s main topic is especially bullying at school and also out of the school.

Concerts help him to make a special contact with children. Many of them keep in touch with Marek and communicate with him on social media about the concert topics or about their live issues.
Marek joined the team of HY workers in January 2018.


Visit the reportage from Marek’s lecture and taste the atmosphere of this special type of ministry:
October 2018

More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
In the beginning, Marek had been involved in the service in the church and in the voluntary help for the prisoners and their children.
Before he brought his project “On the Waves of Friendship” to life, he had had it in his mind and his heart for more than three years. He was thinking about the project where he would combine his joy for music and desire to serve children and youth. He began this project together with his friends, professional musicians, in September 2017.


Lecture topics and resource:
Marek developed his own agenda with specific topics which correspond to the themes of the concerts. He also cooperates closely with the National Helpline for children and youth.

Topics he offers are:
Social media
Use of leisure time


“I am very glad that I chose this project for our school. Students were enthusiastic, my colleagues were satisfied. I have not experienced anything like that for a long time. The words were absolutely appropriate and understandable for kids. Interesting lyrics, melodies and performance filled with sincerity and joy from singing also for kids.
Many thanks and praise!
The movie clip about the hot line was perfect and children loved its performance. They enjoyed it. The 9th grade students appreciated especially free moving and great atmosphere.
And another response in the everyday situations appeared immediately today – one boy from the 8th grade said to another one with a resolute voice during the break: ‘You put up your hand at the concert that you are not going to laugh at anyone anymore. So do not laugh at me!’
It was really great. And the most amazing thing is that you were able to approach the children and they did not see you just like some “stars“. Thank you for the autograph session as well. I wish you a lot of successful concerts and once again many thanks from the whole school.”
A teacher