Local ministry background:
Petr has strong spiritual roots in his home church (Free Evangelical Church) in Ceska Trebova. He helps with leadership of very active church youth group. He participates on church and youth events.

Petr began his Healthy Youth work at schools in Ceska Trebova and its surroundings in September 2012. Before he became a full-time HY worker, he already had many years of experience in leading the youth group and organizing various actions for the youth and the children as well.
He started his lecturing work actually „on the Greenfield site”. But the demand of schools for his ministry was so huge that during the September of that very first year he had his calendar already full with programs ordered for following months.

The combat club for the boys
Except of the lectures, he leads the free-time club called “The Rangers”. It is designed for the boys of the age of 10 to16. It contains the combat training with the wooden swords, bows, knives, surviving in the wilderness, simply all that the boys today experience only in the PC games. Also the meditations on the Bible, the life-important values, learning the fair behavior and observing the rules – it all is the necessary part of their trainings.

Petr speaks about one of „the rangers”, “One of the boys asked me to send a text message to his mom that the Rangers are going to neighboring town during the weekend to play the board games. When asking him why not to send it himself he admitted that his parents do not trust him. He used to be a really tricky boy before he started to visit the Rangers.”


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More about lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Petr Kadlec has been involved in Healthy Youth program since the September 2012.
He used to work in geodetics which he had studied. During his studies he has got the opportunity to teach the computers and informatics at the vocational school for a year. Since then, his desire was to work with young people, maybe as a teacher. He realized that being a surveyor does not bring him any satisfaction. When hearing about a possibility to be a Healthy Youth worker, it was clear for him. Now he is trying to reach a pedagogical education.


Lecture topics and resource:
Petr started his Healthy Youth ministry in Ceska Trebova basically “on the green field”. From the very beginning of his ministry Petr had cooperated with well-established Christian organization ACET.

The topics he offers to schools are based on programs of ACET organization modified with Petr’s own studies and experience of lectures:
The Pain – The Disease Called Bullying
The Life in The Jungle of The Medias
The Family and The Divorce
Do You Appreciate Your Body or Do You Misuse It?
The Hidden Dangers of The Internet
To Be a Non-Smoker Is Cool
Love, AIDS and The Relationships
The Friendship and Love
The World Religions and The Sects
The Anti-Semitism and The Holocaust


“I like your personal contact with the students. Especially your attracting their interest and only than coming to the given topic.”
A teacher

“I thank you very much for your perfect lecture that you have had today at our school. It was about the holocaust and the anti-Semitism. I am the history teacher and I am very glad I could meet you. We could absorb many new points of view, learn new facts, and feel the great approach to students who listened very eagerly. Your lecture had a very good structure with a strong emphasis on the present time and personal approach of everybody. I can recommend it.”
A teacher

„Allow me to express my thanks to you for really experience-bringing lectures at our school. I think that the thoughts you had expressed are useful not only for the students but for the teachers as well. I believe they would change a bit their view of the topics of love and relationships, bullying and the media. The lectures seem to be very interesting for the students; you are able to attract their attention. It can be seen in their eyes as well as the quiet in the classroom while you are speaking. This quiet comes from the need to learn more and catch as much information as possible.”
A teacher

What did students like about the lectures:
„It was a nice and understandable presentation and explanation. The amount of information was just right.”
„It is good that you have brought a small piece of your privacy to the lecture. It does not make you a problem to speak about it.”
„The real discussion, nobody laughed at anybody.”
„I liked that it was not a typical ‘impersonal’ lecture. The lecturer is really able to teach.”

„The perfect speech and the excellent presentation, personal approach, nice style of the behavior, engaging attraction of the whole class into lecture at all situations. The best lecture about the bullying I have ever heard.”

„The big respect for your patience that you can stand this kind of students as for example me and our class. If you would ever feel that it is not worth that anymore, so be sure that it is worth. I have never heard any more interesting lecture during the past 9 years. Much thanks for the experience you have brought into my life during your 2 lectures. Thank you very much!”