Local ministry background:
Petra attends and is fully involved in free evangelical Church in Hradec Kralove city. She lives here with her family. The Hradec Kralove city is located in the east-north Bohemia region.

For many years, Petra had been in charge of kids’ clubs at several primary schools near Hradec Kralove City. In the year 2010 she began to offer various Healthy Youth ministry programs on the topics from so called Ethical Workshop series there, too.
She has naturally very good relationships with children and the schools in her region always welcome her with the door widely open.

In addition to lectures, Petra is responsible for several clubs for kids at few primary schools in the region. She is really talented for this kind of work and dozens of children have already enjoyed her club activities.
She is also in charge of youth camps and other leisure activities.


Visit the reportages from Petra’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
October 2019
December 2014
October 2013
June 2013, report from clubs

More about lectures

How she became a lecturer:
In the year 2010 Petra had attended the Ethical Workshop course and since then she has begun to offering Healthy Youth ministry programs at schools.
Her name is well-known among the schools in the region and her programs are always well-accepted.

Petra says:
“I was a co-founder of the Mothers’ Center in nearby village. We also founded a club named the Prospectors where we could teach Christian education.
We were able to build quite good relationship with the local school there and they decided to utilize the Ethical Workshop project. The series of lectures we had for the younger and the older kids got a very positive response and the deputy director asked us to follow this year in a bigger scale.”


Lecture topics and resource:
Petra works under the auspices of the Christian organization called the Ethical Workshops.

She uses its much-appreciated school programs with topics:
How To Become a Good Friend
How To Have a Good Relationship With Parents
What To Do with The Way I Look
How To Use The Computer and TV
Image or Character?
Who Am I?
Love and Relationships
Money, Money, Money
Life in The Media Jungle
Do You Respect or Abuse Your Body?


“The whole program had a playful and attractive form. The kids did not even notice the break signals and they continued in finishing their work instead. In a live atmosphere they opened up their imagination and started to realize their roles in life and in the world. Their feedback was very positive.”
A teacher

“The lecturer was managing the workshops very well. The lesson was well planned, the kids took an active part in it and they were able to work with the information during a follow-up. We appreciated the program and we are looking forward to the potential future cooperation.”
A teacher

“We are very positive about Mrs. Petra Stranska lectures. Her calm and friendly way of presentation helped her to get attention of the kids and teachers alike.”
A teacher

“The individual topics utilized a combination of various methods, the result of which was an entertaining program for kids allowing cooperation and participation of the entire class. The basic ethic principles were presented in an entertaining way and they helped to form the kids’ attitudes to some important life values. The topics were dealt with very thoroughly and professionally. The positive outcome of these interactive workshops is a long-term collaboration with the lecturer, building relationships with the students and support of safe environment.”
A teacher

“I expected it to be pretty boring at first. I was surprised it was very thrilling!”
A student