Local ministry background:
Radek is a zealous member of the Apostolic Church. He and his whole family are fully involved in the ministry and life of their church community. His denomination as well as other Christian communities in the region supports his ministry.
Radek has great heart open for children and youth which he can fully develop in his Healthy Youth ministry. In which he basically connects his passions: biblical truth, the history, Israel, Judaism.

Radek gives the lectures all over the Czech Republic. The relationship to Israel is the major topic of his lectures. One of his desires is to show the true picture of the past as well as of the presence. He offers to schools programs with the topic “The anti-Semitism and the holocaust”. Someone of the holocaust survivors is often present during his programs.
Another project that Radek participates in is the project called CEMACH (the Creative Competition about modern Israel for students). He gives lectures with a topic “The modern state of Israel – the inspiration for the young Czech generation”.

Radek is a very eager and well-educated speaker for the elementary schools as well as the high schools or the universities. His lectures are full of interesting information and he often presents historical pictures or videos. Those who have survived the concentration camps come with him for some lectures. Students have such unique opportunity to hear the authentic narration of a holocaust survivor.

Radek made the portfolio of his lectures wider with the topics “The world religions” and “The biblical history”.

Radek cooperates closely together with the Czech branch of ICEJ: the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.


Visit the reportages from Radek’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
November 2017
January 2015
June 2013

More about the lectures

How he became a lecturer:
Radek first worked as the computer designer. Then he absolved various courses and became the lecturer of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.
He says about that, ”I absolved a couple of other courses organized by the Jewish Museum in Prague or The International School for the Education about the Holocaust of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. I started my career as the lecturer and began the partnership with several schools. I could participate in the formation of the methodical and educational materials for the lecturers and the teachers that help to present a hard theme of the holocaust to the young generation: in the very delicate way and with clear pointing to the present time.”

Students are very interested in these topics and meeting someone who personally survived these tragedies is an unforgettable experience for them.


Lecture topics and resource:
Radek works under the auspices of ICEJ.

He helped to create and uses its much-appreciated school programs with topics:
The Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in the Pictures and the Documents
The Anti-Semitism and the holocaust – the Roots of Their Origin and the Discussion with the Holocaust Survivor
The Modern State of Israel – the Inspiration for the Czech Youth
In the Footsteps of the Heroes – the Act of Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler
The Auschwitz Album
The Biggest Collective Execution of the Czech Citizens in the Modern History
The History of the Origin of the Extermination Camp Auschwitz – Birkenau
The World Religions
The Biblical History


“The narration really caught my attention. We could better understand the terror of the holocaust when hearing about the fate of one particular family. The lady (the holocaust survivor) spoke much about the good luck she met and that enabled her and her mother to survive. We had to think about those times and we realized that we had a perfect childhood compared to that of her. The discussion was of great benefit for us definitely. We had a reason to give it a thought.”
A student

“I loved the lecture; it really attracted my attention and made me to think about these things. I admire Mrs. Hoskova (the holocaust survivor) for being able to speak about these things in such a way. I am really interested in this topic. I cannot even imagine having survived something like she did. We deal with only minor problems in these times. We do not realize at all what people had to go through in the past. I really loved the lecture, I listened very eagerly. It gave me goose bumps. I hope nothing like that would ever happen again.”
A student

“One has to think about how much his own problems are real problems. I am glad I could hear the story of a quite normal person but still being someone very exceptional because she had to fight for her own life. I really bow down before Mrs. Hoskova (the holocaust survivor) because she is able to speak about her history sometimes even with humor. She is a personification of the human with a capital H. There should be many more people like her. Is there any justice for common people? Where do we allow the history to go – shall we allow it to be repeated?”
A student