Local ministry background:
Michal Malina is an active member of the fellowship called “the Evangelical Community of Christians” in Havirov. He participates on small sharing group meetings, on youth group meetings and simply on ordinary life of his church.
The leadership of Michal’s church fully supports him and his Healthy Youth ministry and helps him to connect the lecturing at schools with preparing various programs for young people and with opening the church to them.

Michal Malina began his work as a Healthy Youth worker in Havirov region in May 2010 and keeps to be member of HY team since then. He has served with us also previously in 2001 and 2002.

Work at schools echoes with Michal’s gifts and character – he is very natural among kids. And they simply love him and his programs. Michal keeps coming back to “his” schools every month and he presents various topics for a given grade. This gives his work a touch of stability and form and the schools can count on him in a long term.
Besides, he can see the responses of the kids to a given topic very well since every month he has one topic for all the kids of same age.

He is quite famous in the region because he helps with other useful projects as well (for example, the United, KristFest or NaMax festivals).


Visit the reportages from Michal’s lectures and taste the atmosphere of this work:
March 2020
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More about lectures:

How he became a lecturer:
Michal formerly worked for several different Christian projects. He had been working closely with Roman Zelonka from Michal’s home town for years. Roman was a part of Healthy Youth ministry till the end of April 2010.
Our desire to get quality lecturing back to schools in Havirov was fulfilled in Michal and his ministry.
Michal Malina took over the baton after his colleague and friend and so the Healthy Youth ministry among the children and youth in Havirov can go on.


Lecture topics and resource:
For his programs Michal uses set of lectures he designed according to the specific demand of the schools:
Bully Prevention
Safe Behavior
Alcohol and Smoking
Sex, Feelings, Relationships
World Religions and Cults
Racism and Toleration


“The workshops of Mr. Michal Malina are the best of all programs offered to our school as a part of prevention. They are positively accepted even by the students. That is clearly demonstrated by their engagement in the program.
We greatly appreciate the focus and usefulness of the programs and the professionalism of the lecturer.”
A teacher

“The lectures are very useful for the students who are really interested in every topic Mr. Michal Malina brings up. The way of presentation and communication he applies is very familiar and natural for the kids. They like the games, the role playing and also the evaluation. Entertaining, short, sharp. I hope the cooperation with Mr. Malina will go on.”
A teacher

“The programs are very beneficial for the kids and they enrich their knowledge about the topics. Mr. Michal Malina treats the students in a very friendly and open manner and creates a comfortable atmosphere in the class, where the students long to learn new information and interesting things, which he willingly and enthusiastically passes on them.”
A teacher

“We have been working with Mr. Malina for several years now and we are very happy with these workshops for young people. The students are very surprised by the friendly atmosphere and they are always looking forward to them. They learn a lot of interesting information. Thank you very much.”
A teacher

“The feedback of the program was very positive – from the students and teachers alike. The workshops were intended for the 6th to 9th grade kids. They liked it very much, because it was presented in an interesting and lively way. The students eagerly discussed the topics that interested them.”
A teacher

“We greatly appreciate the preventive program presented to the students of our school. We have kids with light mental disabilities, so we would like to highlight the ability of the lecturer to adapt the content to the students and make it interesting to them. The lecturer was highly professional and he offered the opportunity of individual consultations, which vas great. The quality of the program is proven by the positive feedback from students.”
A teacher